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Fees enable BCCNM to regulate nursing professionals in the public interest and to carry out the requirements of a regulatory college as set out in the Health Professions Act. Only registration fees are eligible for a refund. GST is not charged unless noted.

2023-24 fee summaries

Renewal and initial registration fees (annualized)  April 1, 2023-Mar. 31, 2024
(12 months)  
Practising or provisional RN, licensed graduate nurse (LGN)    $600.24 
Non-practising RN or LGN $109.80 
Employed student nurse   $241.56 

CNPS professional liability protection (incl. GST) 
APRIL 1, 2023-MAR. 31, 2024
(12 MONTHS)  
Practising RN or LGN
Provisional RN   
$119.69 or $92.40
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Employed student nurse   $95.55 or $92.40
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Initial application fees (+GST)  FEB. 1, 2023 - JAN. 31, 2024
B.C. RN application assessment  $265 
Canadian RN application assessment  $345 
International RN application assessment  $690 
Non-practising RN application assessment  $115 
Employed student nurse application assessment  $175 
Certified practice application assessment (per designation)  $115 

Reinstatement application fees (+GST)   FEB. 1, 2023 - JAN. 31, 2024
Reinstatement to practising RN application assessment  $265 
Reinstatement to non-practising RN application assessment  $115 

 Other fees  Feb. 1, 2023 - Jan. 31, 2024
Reinstatement surcharge (unregistered practice)   $375+GST 
Not sufficient funds (NSF)  $60 
Verification, certificate of professional conduct or letter of good standing   $60+GST 
Refund processing (registrant-requested cancellation) $85+GST