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Professional Standards

For registered nurses and nurse practitioners

Getting started

BCCNM's four Professional Standards for registered nurses and nurse practitioners fall under the umbrella of all BCCNM RN and NP Standards of Practice.

The Professional Standards include an introduction that explains what standards are, why they are important and who has responsibility for them. It also defines Professional Standards and Indicators (i.e., how each Professional Standard is met).

The section on Professional Standards presents each of the four standards

The Standards

Download the full Professional Standards (PDF)


Standard 1: Professional Responsibility and Accountability

Standard 2: Knowledge-Based Practice

Standard 3: Client-Focused Provision of Service

Standard 4: Ethical Practice

Indicators are used to illustrate how each Professional Standard is applied in four main areas of practice:

  • Clinical
  • Education
  • Administration
  • Research

There are several relevant resources available, including a glossary of terms.

 Standards of Practice

​The college is responsible under the Health Professions Act for setting Standards of Practice for its registrants. BCCNM RN and NP Standards of Practice comprise:

Professional Standards

These Standards provide an overall framework for the practice of nursing in British Columbia. They set out minimum levels of performance that nurses are required to achieve in their practice.

Practice Standards
Requirements related to specific aspects of nurses’ practice. These standards complement the Professional Standards and provide additional information on specific topics. View Practice Standards
Scope of Practice Standards

Standards, limits and conditions related to the scope of practice for registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

​​Need help or support?​

For further guidance on understanding and applying the standards of practice, contact our team by completing the Standards Support intake form.​