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Registered Nurses

Registered nurses (RNs) have successfully completed a BCCNM-recognized entry-level RN education program​ and met BCCNM registration requirements. RNs provide nursing services for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of illness and injury. RNs practice both independently and in collaboration with other health care team members with a focus on the competencies of the RN Scope of Practice.

Employed student n​urse (ESN)

Students enrolled in a BCCNM recognized entry-level registered nursing program​ and who are in good standing may be eligible to apply for registration​ as an ESN. ESNs carry out nursing activities which they have acquired the competence to safely perform as part of their entry-level nursing program and with supervision from a nurse.

Licensed grad​​​uate nurse (LGN)

Licensed graduate nurses (LGNs)​ are a class of nurses granted LGN Registration prior to Oct. 1, 1990. LGNs provide nursing services within the RN Scope of Practice.

Registered nurse ​​with certified practice (RN-C)

Registered nurses who successfully complete a BCCNM recogniz​​ed certified practice nursing course and evaluation may apply for a RN-C designation. There are three categories of BCCNM certified practice: reproductive health (contraceptive management and sexually transmitted infections), remote nursing and RN first call. RN-Cs perform many nursing activities independently including the diagnosis and treatment of select diseases and disorders.​