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Temporary E​​mergency Registration (TER)  for B.C. wildfire response​​​  


We are  no longer accepting applications for TER ​as of  Sept. 14, 2023. 
If you're a nurse with TER, your registration will end Dec. 31, 2023.

​Temporary emergency registration enables eligible individuals to register quickly on a short-term basis to assist with emergency health-care response in B.C. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the B.C. wildfires, BCCNM granted temporary emergency registration to eligible individuals to assist with response efforts.

Practising registrants in B.C. do not need temporary emergency registration.

Type of work allowed​​

Temporary emergency registration is available for the sole purpose of enabling eligible individuals to assist during a declared emergency. Temporary emergency registrants assisted in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and B.C. wildfires by: 

  • Providing care that was directly related to the pandemic or wildfires; or
  • Temporarily covering positions vacated by nurses who have been redeployed to deal with the emergency.

Whe​n will temporary emergency registration end?

Temporary emergency registration for the COVID-19 pandemic and the B.C. wildfires ends Dec. 31, 2023.​​​​