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Discipline & public n​​o​tices»​

Outcomes of inquiry and discipline invest​​​igations.

U​​nauthorized practice notices»

​BCCNM advisories of in​​dividuals illegally engaging in nursing or midwifery practice.​

Upcoming and current discip​line hearings​»​

Discipline hearings are formal adjudicative processes before Discipline Committee panels that must follow established rules of law.​​​​

National Nursing Week: May 6–12, 2024News2024-05-06
International Day of the Midwife 2024 News2024-05-02
BCCNM's 2023 annual report now availableGovernance2024-04-29
Homebirth practices: survey resultsNews2024-04-29
Revisions to NP MAiD standardsPractice2024-04-26
Birth roster requirement removed for midwivesNews2024-04-25
New prescribing course for RN Certified PracticePractice2024-04-15
NCSBN seeking RNs and LPNs for exam development opportunitiesNews2024-04-08
Celebrating Indigenous Nurses DayNews2024-04-04
Revisions to RN Certified Practice Decision Support ToolsPractice2024-04-01
Register your births by April 15Practice2024-03-28
Acknowledge. Practice. Share: Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, and Anti-Racism Practice StandardNews2024-03-08
NCSBN seeking RNs and LPNs for exam development opportunitiesNews2024-03-06
Updated RN Certified Practice Decision Support Tools (DSTs)Practice2024-03-05
Register your births by March 15Practice2024-02-29
Applicant advisory: Scams targeting internationally educated nurse applicantsAdvisory2024-02-28
Honouring the legacy of Keegan CombesNews2024-02-06
Register your births by February 15Practice2024-01-29
BCCMM board rescinds limit on NP prescribing of anabolic steroidsPractice2024-01-25
Editorial updates to NP standard relating to mental health and capacity assessmentsPractice2024-01-25
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