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Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners (NP) were first regulated in B.C. in 2005. NPs must meet advanced requirements to register as NPs and use the NP title. These nursing professionals are educated in a master's program.

Nurse practitioner​​s:

  • are primary care providers

  • are regulated for reasons of public safety and to support a sustainable health care system

  • bring the nursing focus of teaching, counseling and support to the diagnostic and treatment they provide

  • work in many practice settings and within a flexible regulatory system that pr​​ovides strong educational preparation, rigorous registration requirements, and rigorous practice oversight

In B.C. there are three 'streams' that NP​​​s can be registered in:

  • family — infants to older adults
  • adult — adults and older adults
  • pediatrics — infants to adolescents​