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Do I need to renew my ESPN registration?

​The registration year for employed student psychiatric nurse registrants aligns with that of RPN registrants: Mar. 1 to the last day of February. Renewal applications are completed online in January and February. 

​ESPNs do not need to complete the Quality Assurance program; instead, they demonstrate their on-going competence and learning by remaining enrolled in their psychiatric nursing education program. Learn more about registration renewal.​

Can I work in my job as an ESPN if my registration has not yet been granted, renewed or reinstated?

​No. To start work as an ESPN you must have active employed student psychiatric nurse registration with BCCNM. "Working" as an ESPN includeds attending orientations and training sessions relating to your position.

Can I continue to be an ESPN if I withdraw from my psychiatric nursing program, or it finishes?

​No. Enrolment in an approved psychiatric nursing education program is a requirement of employed psychiatric nurse student registration. If you cease to be enrolled in your psychiatric nursing education program, you must inform BCCNM within seven days. If BCCNM otherwise learns that you are no longer enrolled in you program, your registration may be cancelled. 

Can I continue to be an ESPN registrant if my employment ends or I do not have a current employer?

​No. Employment as an ESPN is a condition of employed student psychiatric nurse registration, and you must inform the college within 30 days if your employment ends, or within seven days if your employment is terminated. If BCCNM otherwise learns that you are no longer employed, your registration may be cancelled. 

Can I change my employment setting while registered as an ESPN registrant?

​You may only work as an ESPN with the employer and in the specific work setting set out in your practice restriction, which is displayed on the BCCNM public register. If you wish to change your work setting, please contact the BCCNM office at​